About Northvale Volunteer Ambulance Corps

On September 9, 1960, a meeting was held at the American Legion building in Northvale. On this day, the groundwork was laid for what would become the Northvale Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Since then, the Northvale Volunteer Ambulance Corps has made a commitment to serve its community and those nearby, faithfully and professionally. Starting with only a handfull of members and a 1951 Cadillac, the corps has grown to what it is today. With over thirty active members and two Type III rigs, the Northvale Ambulance Corps covers not only Northvale but also Rockleigh and those communities of the 18th District.

The success of the Northvale Volunteer Ambulance Corps is based upon the hard work and dedication of its members, past and present. Yet, for this success to endure, new members are needed to help us continue performing basic life skills to the people in our area when injury or illness occur. If you would like to join us, please contact us at 768-6040. Our address is 196 Firenze Street in Northvale.

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